Forest & STEAM Classes K-2  

What is a Forest playground?

The Forest Playground

  1. Takes place in a natural setting which students visit regularly.
  2. Promotes social, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual development.
  3. Fosters resilience, independence, creativity and confidence.
  4. Provides opportunity for educational risk-taking under guidance of supportive staff.
  5. Encourages a love for nature and a deeper relationship with the Creator.
  6. Provides for play-based learning, and as far as possible child-initiated.  The teacher is the facilitator.
  7. Occurs in all weather - except for dangerous weather.  There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.

What is a STEM playground?

The STEM playground

  1. Provides multiple sensory activities to engage students in learning.
  2. Children can initiate their own activities
  3. Children explore, imagine, try new things, and learn alone or with friends.
  4. Involves children in hands-on, loose-parts outdoor play.
  5. Creates opportunities for children to handle outdoor risks safely.
  6. Teaches children about use and effect.
  7. Provides children with a wide range of activities that support their holistic development.

Every afternoon students in K-2nd at Maps play and learn in  the Forest or Stem classrooms.  Come join the fun.  Enroll today!