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Uniform dress is expected to be worn by all students each day.  All uniforms must be neat and clean.  Students should practice good hygiene and take pride in their appearance.  If a student is out of uniform, he/she will receive a courtesy call or note home. Repeated violations of the Uniform Policy will result in a child being sent home in order to ensure that the uniform policy is followed in the future

Basic Uniform – All Grades

The MAPS basic uniform consists of a polo-style shirt (short or long sleeve) worn with slacks, shorts, jumpers or skirts.

  • Polo-style Shirts must be in navy blue, red, or forest green only 
  • Slacks, shorts, jumpers or skirts must be in navy blue or khaki.
  • At least one navy blue polo must have the MAPS logo.( Can be purchased via links below)
  • For cooler months, a blue zip-up sweatshirt, embroidered with the MAPS logo can be purchased from  Educational Outfitters.

Basic Uniform – K-1 only
In addition to the uniform guidance above, students in the K-1 classroom may also wear jeans.

Dress Uniform – All Grades

The MAPS dress uniform consists of a long sleeve, white oxford dress shirt paired with navy (dress not fitted) blue slacks or skirts.  Each student only needs one dress uniform.
Dress uniform shoes should be dark in color and not flip flops, tennis, exercise, sneakers or hiking footwear.

Landsend or French Toast.


  • No carpenter-style pants or shorts.
  • No jeggings or leggings worn as pants.
  • No holes in pants or ripped and/or cut off shorts will be allowed.

Lands-end Uniform Link  Preferred customer number is 900094517


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